Tales of Zalonia: First Age 2


Image via Wikimedia Commons by Bigmiles154

The skies drew dark, as Agonis travelled through the barren waste. There was a great evil upon the land that was greater than anything in recorded history. The entire continent of Zalonia had become a war zone, and it seemed that there were traitors on all sides.

“Would you two hurry up?” Agonis called to his servants, who carried many of his belongings.”

“But master, we need to rest,” said the one named Isgorn. “We have been carrying your belongings all day and are losing strength.

Agonis felt furious, but at the same time, he thought his servant might be right. All Agonis had to carry was a sword, armor, and a shield. “You may rest, but only for a half hour. We must make haste. Tarvon needs my leadership and protection before they fall.”

“We understand my lord,” his other servant Lande replied. Agonis had just hired Lande to be his servant and a good servant he was. He never complained or got in the way, unlike Isgorn. “How much further my lord?”

Agonis looked out across the fields and replied, “We will take shelter tonight, and from there it should be less than a day’s journey.” Agonis had started out on this quest five days prior in a hamlet called Nagur. Nagur was the closest village to the largest city in Zalonia called Ruinoneo. Ruinoneo was a mysterious place itself because no one could live there and survive. There was some kind of magic about the city that drove away all kinds of beings with the exception of the gargoyle-like niceans.

He could feel himself grow weary from traveling such a distance. Warriors usually didn’t travel far due to their large size and equipment they carried, but Agonis had to make an exception. A large band of creatures called dorzins were making their way from the south in order to attack Tarvon. The inhabitants of Tarvon did not know battle, as it was one of the few places that hadn’t fallen to the troubles.

Dorzins were a vicious species that were populating Zalonia at an accelerated rate. They had extra long fingernails that were pointed and practically unbreakable. They walked in a crouching position, appearing as if they were about to jump. Dorzins were agile and could move very fast, but they never used weapons besides their claws. Most people believed that they were the offspring of the Soul Chaser, the son of the Creatress.

Agonis was skilled in combat and had battled the dorzins on a few occasions. They didn’t give him an easy fight, but fortunately, their flesh was soft and easily pierced with the sword.

After resting, they continued and soon came upon a small village that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. Agonis had never heard of this village and assumed that it was one of the many isolated villages scattered throughout Zalonia.

Upon arriving at the village, they found two guards stationed on the outskirts.

One of them spoke in a stern commanding voice, “What is your business with Red Tree?”

Agonis guessed that Red Tree was the name of the village. “We have come from a far and are traveling to Tarvon. We seek rest for the night.”

The guards face didn’t budge, “I would come here and be gone immediately in the morning. Strange things have been happening around here lately.”

Agonis was curious, “What kind of strange things?”

“People have been waking up with their skin breaking out and run the streets mad. However, they are not sick, but their skin turns green, as they break out in scales. They lose their minds and become much stronger.”

“I have never heard of such a thing, what is causing it?”

“That I can’t tell you. It has been going on the last several weeks. It has happened to six people so far, and they have all had to be put to death.”

“Has anyone investigated these matters?”

The guard paused, “The village magician and doctor have been trying to figure out what is going on. There have been strange objects in the sky floating high above. No one knows where they come from or go.”

As their conversation ended, the three of them walked into the village and found the Red Tree Inn, which was a small inn with two rooms still available. Agonis purchased a room and said to his servents, “You two stay here. I’m going to see if I can’t figure out anything about what is happening in this village.”

He went out and looked into the night sky. The golden moon shone brightly while the red moon, Ishtorth, was dim.  The blue moon, Cadrone, was shining with strength which meant that something dark was going on.

Agonis looked down and then suddenly realized that something was wrong. In the sky there was also a large green moon. Zalonia never had a green moon.

Author: Speculative Fiction Abode

i am both and author and musician. I have published two novels so far and hope to continue on this path. I love metal music and one of my goals here is to start promoting some good music. There are various things that I hope to blog about in the future.

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