The Temple

I look upon a temple
Invisible to all but me
Beautiful, yet tainted with evil.
I enter for shelter
These walls I have known,
With portraits of memories.
Silent corridors await,
Ready to trample me.
I hear the moans of agony
Cry out to me.
They are my own cries
Piercing through my soul.
There was once a light here
Its glow has dimmed.
I search for an answer
In secret passages within,
And find none
Just more pain to come.
I step to the altar of sacrifice,
With knife poised in my hand
I bring it down
Shattering the temple.

Author: Speculative Fiction Abode

i am both and author and musician. I have published two novels so far and hope to continue on this path. I love metal music and one of my goals here is to start promoting some good music. There are various things that I hope to blog about in the future.

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