Zalonia, The First Age 1

Zalonia - First Age 1

Image via Wikipedia by Thomas Cole

Long before the ages of Enslavement and Chaos, the first age of Zalonia had begun. The land was in ruins, as the Creatress looked upon it. She wondered if anything ever roamed the lands. Was there a time before the first age? Not even the Creatress herself knew. The wastelands stretched out wide over the planet, and the only sign left that something once existed was a strange city.

The city was extremely large but uninhabited. As the Creatress looked upon the city, she could see writings all over the walls of the buildings. The language was told in symbols that not even she could comprehend. Some of the buildings soared high into the sky while others were short and small. The buildings came in all sizes and shapes. She walked among the streets of the empty city. The streets were clean, as if nothing had ever been there.

She could feel a sense of weakness as she walked through the city. She would not be able to destroy this city with her powers, as an ancient magic held the city together. The magic was strange and beyond her understanding. She wondered how this could be possible, as she was the only being in exists besides her son. Where did this magic come from. She used her spiritual eyes to view the threads of magic that were being used. They were more complicated than anything she had ever faced. This spell was intended to remain forever, as there was no known power that could undo it.

The Creatress had thought that she was the only being in existence besides her son. She didn’t know how she came to exist, as she had no memories of what came before. There appeared to be darkness and spheres of light which she was only beginning to understand. She had decided that the world of Aztharian would be the place to form her creations. Zalonia, was a large continent upon this world in which the Creatress would perform most of her work.

The Creatress’s son was her one burden. While pregnant, she had dreams of her son causing problems for her and her creation. When he was born, she attempted to murder him. However, he escaped into the darkness of the unknown universe. The Creatress knew that one day he would return more powerful – So powerful that she would be unable to destroy him.

She created all the beings of the earth, human and nonhuman, along with the animals and plants. It soon flourished into a beautiful world which brought 10,000 years of peace. The many races of the Zalonia worked together to form systems of government that were fair and just. Thieves and bandits were rarely found, and murderers would seem to always get caught.

There were only a handful of small wars which usually ended with a peace agreement. The Creatress was proud of her creation and would often visit with the various races. She could take the form of anything she created and often learned from her own creation. Over the years, she grew in wisdom, but this wisdom brought with it a darkness. She knew that the peace wouldn’t last and that bloodshed was the future of Zalonia.

The races of the world could soon feel that this darkness was upon them. They didn’t know what it was, as they could feel it coming from the sky. Days grew darker and the sun’s light lost some of its power. Soon, a shadow came over the land

It was soon after this time that her son returned, and with him, he brought greed.

Author: Speculative Fiction Abode

i am both and author and musician. I have published two novels so far and hope to continue on this path. I love metal music and one of my goals here is to start promoting some good music. There are various things that I hope to blog about in the future.

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